Memories from the International Breastfeeding Conference

15965498_10154762528572211_8086113142961603408_nThank you all for helping make this year’s conference such a smashing success! Here is what you shared as your favorite memory/most fascinating thing you learned/best part of the conference.

Don’t call women “guys.” –Linda J. Smith, Dayton, OH

Being serenaded by Ric. –Cindy Turner-Maffei, Sandwich, MA

Learning about the MTHFR gene. -David, MA

Learning how language can impact our audience, what does the listener want. -Barb, Atlanta, GA

15941522_10154757760157211_5381890504426057103_nLoved the love in the room for Lois. -Betsy, Wellington, FL

Being in a well informed, welcoming, educational fire hose! -E.A. Tailer, Burl., VT

Duck race was such a fun idea! Can’t wait for next year! -S. Lavrere, RN, CLC

I was so impressed with the study of effective skin to skin. It’s a problem I’ve identified at my hospital and will address. -Lisa A.

I loved that my mom’s duck #70 won the duck race. She was crowned Duck Queen, therefore making me Duck Princess! Also I love the microbiome. Any info is good info! -Rachael, Cape Cod, MA

There’s H2O2 in breastmilk!? No Way! -D.J., MA

15941128_10154762669217211_374832778684157534_nListening to all the brilliant speakers. Dr. Ric singing. -Cindy, NE

Value the mothering, return the right for humanization of birth to all women, loved Dr. Jones’ passion and commitment. -Sylvia

It’s nearly impossible to pick one highlight. I’m always fascinated and entertained by Dr. Jones’s presentations. I learned so much about swaddling from Linda Smith. I have a lot to process and reflect on after listening to presentations about race and maternal child health from Black breastfeeding advocates and lactation professionals. I appreciated Sylvia’s props in her autoimmunity presentation. Dr. Gupta shared such vital information. The list goes on and on. Most of all, George and I felt all of your love! – Yours truly, Jess, Hartland, WI

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