Lactating mammary gland scarves promote breastfeeding awareness

unnamedMy favorite chair in our house is printed with milk ducts (or placentas depending on how you look at it.)

Well, not really, but that’s how I see it. I see breasts in light fixtures, on textiles and in the clouds.

And now, the rest of the world will share in my delight. Behold. The lactating mammary gland scarf!



The lactating mammary gland scarf made its debut at the 2015 International Breastfeeding Conference.

“Attendees loved the novelty of the scarves and were a popular purchase at our bookstore,” Judy Blatchford, Healthy Children Project’s media specialist, says.

Now, The Lactation Counselor Training Program participants have the opportunity to purchase the accessory. Healthy Children faculty member Sheri Garner says several participants sport their scarves to class and “seem pretty excited about having a ‘mammary gland’ scarf.”

Linda Smith models her mammary scarf.
Linda Smith models her mammary scarf.

Healthy Children Project’s Karin Cadwell got the idea for the scarves when she visited a gift shop while attending a CDC meeting in Atlanta. She saw lovely Infectious Awearables herpes scarves and diabetes bow ties but lactating breasts were nowhere to be found.

Cadwell shared her inspiration with Blatchford and other colleagues.

“Genius!” Blatchford thought. “Creating a scarf from the image of a lactating mammary gland…is a great and different way to bring awareness to an issue.”

Turning Cadwell’s inspiration into reality started by securing licensing of  micro imaging from a scientific stock photo outlet called Custom Medical Stock Photo which featured the mammary print in a recent newsletter.

Choosing the scarves’ ultimate colors proved to be the most difficult feat. The final color combination was chosen for a “popular and wearable grouping.”

The scarves aren’t only fashionable though.

“We hope that the scarves generate conversation which in turn will promote breastfeeding awareness,” Blatchford says.

If you’d like to order a scarf, you can do so by calling HCP at 508.888.8044.

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