Too much pink

Move over Halloween. October is no longer your month. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Forget the elusive bats. Flocks of pink, satin ribbons will haunt your dreams. Gone are the ghoul, ghost, and goblin getups. Wrap yourself in pretty pink. Even major league athletes are doing it. Glowing department store signs and sparkling Pink Lady cocktails will surely have you spooked.

Nothing is more terrifying though than the Breast Cancer Awareness Industry’s neglect of breastfeeding and the use of human milk in its preventative messaging. As Best for Babes reminds us, “Breastfeeding is one of the most highly cost-effective, health-protective behaviors we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk…” Read more here:

The Breast Cancer Awareness Industry’s pink ribbon marketing and culture distracts “attention away from the bold action we need to successfully address and end the breast cancer epidemic and to achieve health justice for all women in all communities.” Read more here:

Writer, performer, mother, Christine Rathbun Ernst, in spine-chilling honesty, shares the horrors and hidden humor of surviving breast cancer in Fat Ass Cancer Bitch Scene 1- My Neighbor and Her Large Dog and Scene 21- You Hear What??

Watch more of Rathbun Ernst’s performances here.

Her new book, Wild Fortune: Moving Pianos in Paradise, is now out in paperback.

For more on how pink ribbon culture distracts from meaningful progress on breast cancer visit:

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