Miracle Milk™ campaign shares power of human milk through storytelling

It’s Miracle Milk™ May! This year, Best for Babes’ (BfB) Miracle Milk™ campaign is bringing it back to the basics with a grassroots effort to share the power of Miracle Milk™ through storytelling. Throughout the month, Best for Babes encourages us to talk about the power of human milk and breastfeeding in our communities as well as digitally through social media.

In years past, Best for Babes hosted the Miracle Milk® Stroll, the only national consumer-driven nonprofit for the human milk cause. In the midst of a transition searching for an Executive Director, the organization has modified its campaign format.

Best for Babes’ media specialist Kelly Doherty and manager of the 2017 campaign points out that some very committed Stroll organizers from years past are still hosting Strolls in their communities.

Dover, Delaware 2016 Miracle Milk Stroll
Credit: Katie Phillips Photography [https://www.facebook.com/KatieTPhillipsPhotography/]
As part of the digital campaign, you’ll find memes on Best for Babes’ Facebook page posing specific questions about breastfeeding like “What is the best piece of advice you have for a nursing mom?” and “What don’t you know about donating human milk?”

Doherty says that reaching out to potential milk donors is just as important as getting Miracle Milk™ to babies in need.

“If you’re a person who had great milk production and an easy nursing relationship, you don’t even realize what you could be providing to babies in need,” she says.

Prompting conversations about human milk is the first step in an effort to make donor human milk and the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) as mainstream as formula companies. Best for Babes co-hosted Public Citizen’s 2017 Day of Action to Protect Parents and Babies in an effort to promote commercial-free infant feeding information.

Best for Babes is an organization dedicated to diverse family experiences and supports safe infant feeding methods. Join the cause. Join the conversation!

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